Registration is compulsory for all Family Centre activities.  Phone: 070 500 608,  e-mail: centerzadruzine@mocis.si

We’re proud to announce that we’ve successfully won a tender from the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. Our already rich educational offer is being complemented by a new project, the Family centre Andeški hram(2021-2025).

What does the family center offer?

  • a place for different generations to socialize
  • support for a better reconciliation of family and professional life,
  • support for improving relationships and parenting skills,
  • a place for exchanging good practices and positive experiences,
  • holiday childcare.

We invite children, adolescents, parents and families to the Family Centre, where we organize various social activities, lectures, workshops, talks, counselling, etc. The Family Center Andeški hram is the first and only family centre in the Koroška region, so we strive to provide local and regional users with quality content by a professionally trained staff.

The activities to be carried out at the Center are:

1) Informal socialising at the centre’s headquarters (Glavni trg 28a, Slovenj Gradec) from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00. There is a playroom for children with a wide range of didactic, social and thinking games in Slovenian and foreign languages, a reading corner with a range of children’s and youth books, creative materials and mentoring guidance in creating… We also provide a forum for discussion, exchange of experiences and information on the current activities of the Centre.

2) Educational and practical workshops on the development of positive parenting aimed at maintaining and developing parental competence and offering support and assistance to parents of children and adolescents in their upbringing.

Workshops are held every week in the mornings and afternoons according to a prearranged schedule. As part of this, we’re running a nationally recognized program called Incredible Years, workshops on communication, conflict resolution, parenting, stress response, children’s behavioral and emotional problems, motivating children, how to help a child with schoolwork. In case of adverse epidemiological situation, workshops shall be conducted by means of videoconferencing tools (Zoom).

Lecturers for parents:
Sonja Tiršek, B.Sc. psychologist
Petra Jovan, M.Sc. of sociology
Nada Duler, prof. Special Education
Maja Volk, M.Sc. prof. of inclusive pedagogy,
M.Sc. Zlatko Triller, spec. of school psychology, Univ. B.Sc. psych. M.Sc.
Jasna Kolar Macur, M.Sc. from the field of sociology

3) Vacation activities for children and organised workshops for children and young people, providing children and young people with the opportunity to spend their holidays actively, creatively, educatively and entertainingly, and providing organised care for parents during their work and other obligations. Vacation care is organised during all school holidays, and all meals for children are covered financially by the co-financing of the Municipality of Slovenj Gradec. Teaching aids are also available for pupils

Performers of activities for children:
Kristina Navotnik, ing. of textile technology
Irena Šmid Jeram, Univ. B.Sc. ing. of textile technology
Marija Obreza, B.Sc. special pedagogue

4) We provide individual or group counselling for children, adolescents and parents to improve emotional control, build positive self-esteem and learn how to solve problems.

Counselling strengthens effective communication and contributes to improved family relationships, develops childrens and adolescents social skills, improves parenting skills, improves emotional control, promotes positive self-esteem and helps with behavioural and emotional problems. Parents, adolescents and children are advised by experienced professionals who offer individual or group counselling on effective communication, building positive family bonds, improving childrens and adolescents social and parental skills, etc.

Nada Duler, prof. Special Education
Maja Volk, M.Sc. prof. of inclusive pedagogy
M.Sc. Zlatko Triller, spec. of school psychology, Univ. B.Sc. psych.
dr. Bojana Tancer, Ph.D. from the field of educational sciences
dr. Lucija Čevnik, Ph.D. from the field of sociology

The activities of the Centre are published monthly on the website www.mocis.si, on the MOCIS Facebook page and on the website www.sglasnik.sg (Slovenj Gradec). Pre-registration is required for all activities. Consultations are by appointment.

All activities of the center are free for users. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Slovenj Gradec.

The headquarters of the Family Centre are in the premises of the Multigenerational Centre, at Glavnem trgu 29, in Slovenj Gradcu. You can visit it every weekday from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00 and during the running of the workshops.

Information on the Centre’s activities can be obtained by calling: 070 500 608 or on e-mail: centerzadruzine@mocis.si.