MOCIS – a center for adult education is a non-profit organization, which was founded by the local goverment and it began to operate in 2000. All this time the institute tried to enrich the people of Koroška municipalities with new knowledge, by raising the level of education. We involve different target groups in our education (from children to the elder population), with paying special attention to vulnerable groups. We are located in the northern Slovenia, near the border with Austria.

We offer a variety of adult educational programs for formal in informal education and so we care for lifelong learning in the region of Koroška.

Our educational offer includes: Primary school for adults, Secondary education, Language courses, Computer courses, Courses of Slovenian language for foreigners, Professional seminars and workshops, National vocational qualifications (NVQ), Project learning for young adults (PLYA), Study Circles, The university for third age, The guidance centre of Koroška.

We cooperate with many institutions at local and national levels.

Today we are trying to be recognized by quality, professionalism, diversity, affordability, friendliness and development.

MOCIS collective

Authority of the institution

The Board of the Institute:

Representative of the founder:

Simona Rubin (President of the Council)

Miran Pirtovšek

Representative of the employes:

Kristina Navotnik

Urška Novak Lešnik

Representative of the participants:

Jana Jožefa Spanžel

The expert bodies:

andragogical assembly

expert activity in education

teachers council

A headmistress:

Sonja Lakovšek