The PUM-O+ young adult project learning programme was complemented on the basis of the experience of the PUM and PUM-O programmes and taking into account new social environments, at the initiative of the Lifelong Learning Sector of the Labour Market and Employment Directorate of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MFWEU). The Programme contributes to the specific objective of ESO4.8: ‘Promoting active inclusion to promote equal opportunities, non-discrimination and active participation and increasing employability, in particular for the most disadvantaged groups’.

Free social and learning programme from 15 to 29 years


You must register with the ZRSZ as an unemployed person or as a jobseeker. This will be followed by the signing of the Employment Plan, followed by the signing of the contract for the PUM-O+. We can help you with your application.

Programe attendance

  • The programme runs from Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 15:00.
  • You attend the program based on your needs.
  • We keep a daily attendance list, which you must sign at the end of the month (reimbursement condition).

Main objectives of the programme

  • Acquiring knowledge and competences for sustainable employability.
  • Approaching and entering the labour market.
  • Cooperation and liaison with employers.
  • Free assistance in learning and completing school.
  • Help in overcoming mental problems.

Who can apply

  • unemployed young adults up to 29 years old,
  • students who are not in regular education and need additional learning support or are considering leaving school,
  • young people who are temporarily involved in other measures of the active employment policy and need the help of PUM-O+ mentors in the form of counselling talks.

As a PUM-O+ participant you receive an activity allowance and a transport allowance

and at the end of the programme you receive a certificate of what you know and what you have learned.


Encouraging and supportive environment

  • Assistance in planning an educational and career path.
  • Evaluation of informally acquired knowledge.
  • Establishing contacts with employers.
  • Assistance in obtaining a driving licence.

Graduation assistance

  • Free teaching aid.
  • Establishing contacts with professors.
  • Acquisition and preparation of teaching materials.
  • Assistance in writing and editing seminar assignments.
  • Preparing for finals and graduation.
  • Modern equipment with audio-visual material.

Socializing and personal growth

  • Lectures, debates, creative workshops.
  • Regular physical activity (various sports).
  • Visits and tours of theatres, exhibitions, library.
  • Trips and excursions.

Mental health care

  • Dealing with stress and problems.
  • Solving personal problems.
  • A healthy, balanced diet.
  • Establishing and maintaining social contacts.



 PUM has made me a better person because it has a very positive effect on me, giving me strength, hope, and energy and purpose in life. It helped me a lot, shaped me and changed my outlook on the world. I see everything in a different light now, and nothing is so dark and negative anymore. Before I came to PUM, I was very pessimistic and depressed, but now I’m very positive and happy. The mentors are very kind and warm and helpful and take care of me every step of the way.


For me personally, Pum-o-Slovenj Gradec is a place where I can relax and socialize, have fun, learn, develop my skills,.. And all this in the company of a bunch of nice, friendly people who give me a reason to laugh, relax and feel good every day. I know I’m better because I am here. Every morning I wake up feeling good (I can sleep four or seven hours) because I know I’m going somewhere I feel good. I know I’m going to Pum. It’s where the fun and the good come together. It is true that we do not choose the families and circumstances in which we are born, but we can choose the society in which we spend our time. And yes, I’m very happy to choose the company at PUM-o because I know I’m not bored, so it’ll be fun and relaxing. It doesn’t really matter where you come from, how you look like, what you’ve accomplished or experienced in your life.


As more and more of us leave, I’d like to say that these 15 months I’ve spent with you have been truly unforgettable! Thank you for all the effort you’ve put into me and the other participants! I’m glad I’ve met so many different people, and I get along so well with everyone! I’d love to do it all over again, because I had a really, really good time with you guys. It’s very hard for me to finish, but I promise I’ll visit you often! I miss you already.


PUM-o+ is co-financed by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the European Union from the European Social Fund+.

PUM-O+ Slovenj Gradec, Celjska cesta 22, 2380 Slovenj Gradec

Phone:   051 224 052